Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Moon on Monday

A new Moon. A new year 2009. It's also the year of the Ox, the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. (I'm of the year of the tiger myself.)

I am amazed at the infinite possibilities that lie before me. It is not possible to take all the paths, all of those parallel or superimposed quantum universes that apparently are out there, but many of them are open to me. Right now, from this tiny point in time, I am looking at a number of options that a year ago I never dreamed existed. And all I have to do is follow the path. Chose and go forth. Every day is another step. Every day I make new choices, and as I do more options become available (and others disappear).

I am amazed.

Luna nueva. Año nuevo, 2009. También es el año del Buey, signo de la prosperidad a través de la fortaleza y trabajo duro. (Yo soy del año del tigre.)

Estoy asombrada por las infinitas posibilidades que están delante de mí. No es posible tomar todos los caminos, todos los universos cuánticos paralelos o superpuestos que dicen que existen, pero muchos de ellos están abiertos para mí. En este momento, desde este pequeño punto en el tiempo, estoy mirando una serie de opciones que hace un año ni soñé existían. Y todo lo que tengo que hacer es seguir el camino. Elegir y echarme p'adelante. Cada día es un paso más. Todos los días tomo decisiones, y en esta medida más opciones se presentan (y otras desaparecen).

Estoy asombrada.

Shake up the picture the lizard mixture
With your dance on the eventide
You got me coming up with answers
All of which I deny.

I said it again but could I please re-phrase it
Maybe I can catch a ride
I couldn't really put it much plainer
But I'll wait till you decide

Send me your warning siren
As if I could ever hide
Last time la luna,
I light my torch and wave it for the...

New moon on Monday

And a firedance through the night
I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite


Breaking away with the beast of both worlds
A smile that you can't disguise
Every minute I keep finding
Clues that you leave behind.
Save me from these reminders
As if I'd forget tonight
This time la luna,

I light my torch and wave it for the...

(chorus) (chorus)

I light my torch and wave it for the...

(chorus) (chorus) (chorus) (chorus)

New moon on Monday
And a firedance though the night...

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